Mobile apps, where to start?

An app developed to support a specific company task saves money or improves the contact with your clients.
The are significant benefits to be gained, but how do you start with your first app? What is it supposed to do? On Android or iOS? Who is going to make it and is it affordable?

We develop your first app and support you

We look into the possibilities for your business. Which company processes could be organised better and faster? How can repetitive actions be simplified? And how to increase contact with your clients. We work with a tight budget, pragmatic and fast.

Together with you we make a small, single-task oriented app.  Ready for Android and iOS. Reliable and time saving. That's how your first app gets born!

Who are we?

We are an mobile app development company located in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Our team consists of members, coming from the universities of Nijmegen, Damascus and Sofia, with several decades of experience in the software development industry.

What we do

We develop mobile apps on the Xamarin platform, directly suitable both for Android and iOS. We support companies through the processes of getting their first app in the App/Play store. We also develop components for the Xamarin component store.

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